Cox is a great internet provider that’s getting known as one of the most popular internet providers in many different countries. With this internet provider, the changes that you’re going to struggle with bad internet connection and low downloading speeds are slim. The coverage on where this internet provider is available is great. They offer coverage in many different countries. Here’s some information about the coverage on where you can make use of them.

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More about the coverage on where they are available

Unfortunately, they are not available all over the world, but they are available in more than 20 states. In the states where they are available, they are proving great service and fast download speed. They have roughly about 3.5 internet subscribers at the moment.


The states where they are most popular are in California, Virginia and Arizona. It is just important to know that they don’t have connections in all the cities in these states. Coverage will depend on your home address and in the city that you’re in. Some cities have better coverage than some of the other states.

The states where you will be able to use Cox

It is important to know where you will be able to connect and use Cox, the internet provider. Without living in the state or area where they have coverage, will make it impossible to use them. However, if you’re lucky and are living in these states, you will have a better chance of getting coverage.

You should just remember that living in one of these states, doesn’t mean that you will automatically have coverage. There are some cities in those states that will not have coverage at the moment. Here’re some of the states where you will be able to use them as your internet provider:













It is important to have an internet provider that will be able to give you great service and great internet speed with a great downloading speed. And, with using Cox as your internet provider, you will even get some free cloud space that you can use as you want. But, before you can use them as your provider, it is important to make sure that you’re living in an area where you will have coverage. Unfortunately, they are at the moment only available in about 20 states. And, even if you’re living in anyone of these states, you might still struggle with coverage, because of the town that you’re living in.

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