Foundation is the main part of the building without which the building cannot sustain for long. Any problem in the foundation can directly affect the structure of the building. Repairing the foundation can cost you several thousand dollars and a lot of time which you can save by doing timely recovery.

It is imperative to inspect the house and detect the foundation problems as soon as possible so that the foundation repair costs can be minimized. You can also check the toolerant foundation repair guide for more information about the foundation repair and repairing the foundation yourself to reduce the overall cost. Here I am going to give you some rough estimates about the foundation repair cost.

Estimation of Foundation Repair Cost:

Generally, the foundation repair can cost you on the average of $5000 to $7000 range which is a rough estimation for you if no additional problems are discovered at the time of repairing and need to be resolved instantly. This means that the cost can increase to several thousand dollars if further problems are detected.

I am going to give you an estimate of the foundation repair cost of a residential building which includes hiring a foundation repair contractor and involves the tasks ranging from excavation to the fixing of cracks.


Cost Breakdown:

The whole foundation repair process includes:

1. A professional inspection

2. Getting quotes from the contractors

3. Basic repairs

4. Big repairs

A Professional Inspection:

You certainly need a professional inspector to inspect the whole house and detect the problems in the foundation. After inspecting the house and deducing the results, they may be able to tell you what should be your next steps, either you need to contact a foundation repair contractor or a mason to fix the cracks. It generally costs you $500 to $1000.


Getting Quotes:

If you think that the work is quite long and extensive, it is viable to get quotes from a number of foundation repair contractors. Make sure that the contractors are licensed and also get some referrals before hiring any contractor. Go for a contractor who can handle all the process himself.

Basic Repairs:

If you are lucky you will only need to repair few cracks and the contractors only charge you below $2000 for performing the stonework or concrete work.


Big Repairs:

If you are less fortunate, your house needs complex repairs which may cost you from $3500 to $5000 roughly.